Monday, March 06, 2006

Skinny Dipping

Did anyone notice I snuck in a second auction last night. So there are two one right now along with "Moody". "Dragon Wheezes" and now "Skinny Dipping". The photo really really doesn't do them justice. These beads are so cool. They are definately my colors. I wear them all the time... especially the greens. It took forever to come up with their name. I had the idea for them while watching golf with Ron on Saturday afternoon. He said hey you should do a green and blue set and i said I was just thinking the same thing. SO I was going to name them "Saving Par". For golfers, you'll know it is very hard to get a par after you have fit the ball in the water. But the more I looked at them the more I thought of summer and being a Kueka Lake with my cousins when I was little. I decided they needed a funner name and that's why they are call "Skinny Dipping" (and NO I didn't skinny dip with my cousins when I was little. I didn't do that till I was older ;) LOL!)

This weekend was so busy.. Saturday we had friends over... I was a bead making maniac... Jacob had a science project due... I have all the auctions end for the books I listed... Ron came down with a cold. It has just been crazy. I am on my way out to the post office and grocery shopping now. I will pop in later with the 1st free bead winner's name. I am going to let Lauren pick the name later this afternnon. I want to thank everyone who has been voting and tell you to keep up the good work! In just a few days I went from #59 on to #26! And on I wasn't even ranked, now I am at #33, SWEET! So thank you so so much. I really do appreciate it and I have some awesome beads lined up for this week! SO KEEP VOTING AND I"LL KEEP OFFERING GREAT FREE BEADS!

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