Saturday, March 25, 2006

Bad Readers!

Alright... which one of you was it? Who didn't cross their fingers for me? I specifically asked you to cross your fingers and hope Lauren wouldn't get the mysterious fever that was in my house all week! LOL! Someone wasn't crossing their fingers cause at 10:30 last night the "fever" showed up again. This time is was 103.4 and in my poor little Lauren. Need less to say... last night was a rough night. She was sleeping in our bed with lots of tossing and turning.. and middle of the night medicine doses. But... daddy just ran to the store to get her "Princess M&Ms" (the pastel ones) and extra tylenol & motrin. If it is anythign like the boys this week she'll have this fever for the next few days and suddenly it will be gone leaving befind a nasty cold.

I am hoping to get out to the mall for a little bit with my sister today. I want to research colors for the up coming seasons! I will let you know what I find out.

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