Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Kaleidiscope Knob

Isn't this knob cool. There is a color in the Moretti glass rod family that is called "Evil Purple". It is a beautiful color when you see the rod... but put it in the flame and it does ugle nasty things. But there a few really neat things it can do. One thing is this kaleidiscope effect. I read about it in the book "Passing The Flane". SHe has a step by step tutorial in it on how to make beads with this look. I thought it would be a cool effect on the surface of a knob. It didn't do "the effect" as much as it does on a bead but it is still there. See how the transparent purple has kinda leeched out of the purple dots and pushed into the white dots... that's the cool thing it does.

I will be working on some orders today and on the phone with the school again about more bus issues, UGH! But "Moody" ends tonight. It looks like no one is going to scoop them up with Buy It Now so they will most likely be relisted as a regular auction. So, watch for them and bid because they really are awesome beads!

KEEP VOTING! Last I checked I was #23 on I am so excited! And it's all thanks to you guys :) Something weird is going on at there are only 17 votes registered but I know there are more like 28-30? weird? Oh well! Keep voting anyway. Thanks!

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