Saturday, March 18, 2006

Sunny Saturday

Oh my... two sunny mornings in a row! I don't know if we can handle it. Did everyone enjoy some cornbeef and cabbage last night? We did! It was incredible... even if I do say so myself. The cornbeef was so tender it just melted in our mouths, we didn't need to chew. lol! And the cabbage, I forgot how much I love boiled cabbage. It's funny... at our family Christmas Eve party with my husband's side of the family we have a big Italian feast. They make everything (most of which I can't spell, but I'll try) they make fried vegetables in a bread batter, lentil soup, calimare, tripe, sausage at midnight, atichoke dips... all sound good but I can't stand any of it. LOL! My husband said to me "what will you eat?" And I nicely reminded him I don't have a drop of Italian in me... I am not used to this stuff... I am Northern European, remember. And he said you want a piece of bread? LOL! And I said YEAH! So loving boiled cabbage may sound strange to most but hey it's me. Now, enough of my boring eating habits... you wanna hear about beads right!?!

Well Ron ended up having to go into work today. But once he gets home I will be firing up the torch, finishing my orders and getting a new set made for Ebay! YooHoo... come back first thing tomorrow mornign to see the new beads! I must tell you I was horribly disappointed with the beads I got this week from FMG. The sterling silver I got was crap! So I am returnign most of it and I am upgrading Shaina Karen Hill Tribe Silver. It is beautiful pure silver (better then sterling) and it comes direct from a village in Thialand which supports fair trade. But that also means that it costs more so I am hoping people at shows and events this summer are ready to make the switch to higher quality.

Jacob woke up at 3;30 this morning with a high fever again. Poor boy, he had such a rough week. He tells me the girl, Baylee, that he has a HUGE crush on doesn't want to be his friend anymore. His poor heart is broken in two (remember he is 8 and in 3rd grade). I had to tell him girls change their minds all the time and there are millions of girls out there that are going to love him. I made him give me a big Momma hug and he started to cry. I know you all are going ahhhh. So today's photo is of my Jacob and if you have a daughter or granddaughter that would like my Jacob... send him and email!

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