Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Melted Vinyl

I went a little wild and crazy last night with this newest set of beads. I needed a break from the orders I am working on. Sometimes when I have to work with certain colors the ideas just stop coming so taking a night off to just play does loads for my juices. This set is called "Melted Vinyl"... the other night I was laying awake unable to sleep and I was thinking about a striped bead I had tried making earlier in the day. I had added too much glass and it squeezed out of the brass press I was using. Usually when I use too much glass I can use my tweezers to pull out a little of the excess glass and just reheat and repress the bead. But because that one had stripes I couldn't save it. But it got me to thinking... what if I pulled it out and didn't "fix" it. What would a wild set of whonky kinked beads look like. Naturally the work "kink" made me think of the band The Kinks, one of my dad's favorites. So I called my dad last night and said "Dad, what color do you think of when you think of the Kinks?" he answered with "Black and very Mod". So that's what I did and very mod black crisp set of kinked wild beads. After the first one I thought it looked like a melted record album so that's how they got their name. I will be posting them on Ebay later tonight! Unless someone emails me first with an offer ;)

Today is a very very long day... and most Tuesdays for the next 12 weeks will be. Ron has class this symester on Tuesdays until 9:00pm which means he won't be home until 10:00pm. Yuck! He leaves at 8:00am and doesn't get back until 10:00pm.... he'll miss the kids going to bed, dinner, and he cuts my bead making time out. Who's idea was getting his Master's anyway? LOL! Just kidding, I know it is good for him.

Anyway... I will check in tomorrow with any beads I happen to get done tonight.

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