Thursday, March 30, 2006

Happy Birthday to Lauren!

That's right... it's my little baby's birthday! My little Lauren is 3! In honor of her big day, today's photo is one of her baby pictures. This way you can see just how much she has grown! We are making a butterfly birthday cake and have a little party later tonight. She got a very special birthday present from her Gee (that's what she calls my Mom)... a new kitten! She doens't have a name yet but Lauren is calling her "Bitty Kitty". My Mom has an abasinan kitten called "Biddie" so that's where Lauren is getting the name. We have been pet free since I was pregant with Lauren. Ron isn't a fan of animals and while I was pregnant refused to help with litter boxes. So our then 7 year old cat Abby went to live with an elderly couple that need a special friend. With the boys gone all day and Lauren getting ready for preschool, I think I am ready for a new friend. When I get a cute photo of her I will post it.

Not much bead making getting done around here these days but I promise to get some done this weekend. "Spring Rain" will be going up on Ebay tonight though. Be sure and come back to bid! Gotta run... Lauren is yelling "I gotta take her Mom..." I wonder where she is getting taken to?

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