Tuesday, March 28, 2006


So I didn't get make beads yesterday like I hoped. Prisonbreak and 24 reeled me in. Plus Ron had to study so I didn't get my usual after dinner torch time in. But hopefully tomorrow night :) I have been thinking... I surf a lot of lampwork sites. I get ideas on styles, colors, shapes... loads of things (and you know me, if I take ideas... I give credit) but anyway... I noticed a LOT of artists have beads for sale right on their site. Smaller sets $30-$50 a set about 8-10 beads in a group and they put up new ones all the time. Are you all interested? I am thinking on working on 5 -6 sets that I can list right on my website with Paypal buy now buttons. I was thinking of calling it "My Bead Box". I will still have the larger Ebay sets of 18-20 beads but this might be fun... you need a quick bead fix, you just click and order. These wounldn't be custom so they would be made and ready to ship. Let me know your thoughts!

Here is Jacob's new hair do. I got him a couple of new skater shirts at Target today... he feels so cool. He is such a brainack, it's good he lets loose a bit and lets his very creative side take over!

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Nicky Ryan said...

My Bead Box sounds a great idea, i love your beads.