Sunday, March 12, 2006

My Hot Date

This is my little sister, Bonnie and she was my date last night, lol. We went to a movie and then out to a local bar called Mex. It was very interesting because the St Patricks Day parade was yesterday so everyone had been drinking since 8 am and was histerical to watch. We just went out for one drink and came home early. I never get out anymore being a Mom and all so it was fun. But since I never get out I have no tolerance and will be taking it easy today, LOL! I want to get out and make beads. The weather is still warm so I am looking forward to being at the torch with the door open and breathing the fresh air. I'll share photos when I have some new beads!

DON"T FORGET... "Skinny Dipping" and "Dragon Wheezes" end tonight. And there is no bids on "Dragon Wheezes" so someone can scoop them up for a great price! So go bid!

Hey can you guess what Bonnie is going in this picture... she is using the camera on her cell phone to check her teeth. LOL! She is too funny.

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