Saturday, March 11, 2006

Help Wanted:Jewelry Assistant

There is a great thread on Bead & Button right now about placing an ad for a jewelry assistant. So here is mine...

Help Wanted: Jewerly Assistant
Job Requirements - Applicant must have at least 2 years jewelry making experience with knowledge of gems, crystals, glass and findings. Good colour sense absolutely required. Duties include sorting bead soups back into their individual components and picking up beads I drop or spill. Absolutely must be very patient, fun to talk to, and enjoy the same music I do. Non-smoker preferred. Must have clean crimping record - i.e., no mutilated crimps for at least two years. Strong calluses on fingertips useful also. Extensive knoweldge of packaging, addressing, and mailing multiple packages. Must also be a certified accountant and adept at sales and marketing, yes. Will also be required to research bead prices, using internet, phone, and footwork, taking note of interesting bargains along the way - thus saving me from being lead hopelessly astray by the bargain bins, close-outs, etc. Most love fire and not be nervous around exploding shards of glass.
Salary - Non-negotialable... non-existant... all money must go towards beads. :)

If you fit the description and want to work for free... send me an email! You are hired.

Anyway... credit to Joann at B&B for starting the thread. I did copy and paste most of her requirements with just a bit of editing. :D

The weather today is amazing! It is sunny and 65. Jacob Lauren & I picked up sticks for an hour and had a small fire this afternoon. I am feeling guilty about being inside now... it's just so nice out. I had a great workout this morning and then cleaned the garage too. The house is picked up and I will be folding approximately 10 loads of laundry later, LOL! Tonight my sister ans I are going to see The Libertine... gotta love Johnny Depp!

Today's photo is of my arbor in my back yard (photo taken this past summer)... that is my garden, I love it. Can't wait to see the plants and flowers popping up again in a few weeks :)

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Lori said...

If I lived by you I'd voluteer for the job. warmer in NY than California