Thursday, March 09, 2006

My Boys

It was recently pointed out to me that I don't have a picture of my boys up on my website! What a rotten Mom I am. You'll think I only have Lauren. I'll admit she is spoiled and she's my little girl but I LOVE MY BOYS! This photo was taken this past Fall on our annual Fall Walk in PennYan NY. Aren't them angles? Yeah right! My boys are all boy. They are handfulls. Thank goodness I have my beads and jewelry to keep me sane. :)

My Mom came by today for a tea party with Lauren and I got lots of beads made! Unfortuatenly they were special orders so they won't be appearing on Ebay. But once they are annealed, cleaned and strung I'll share a photo. They are called "Alien Pea Soup" becuase the wonman, Tricia, who ordered then asked for somethign pea size in greens and blues with lots of dots. I kept thinking of Marvin the Martian when I made them so thats how they got their name.

Be back soon :)

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