Monday, March 13, 2006

Busy Brain

My brain is very busy today with all the ideas I have cooking for new beads. I have a bunch of orders I need to work on. I have sets to get finished for Ebay and the wonderful weather this weekend completely distracted me and I got very little done. I did get a HUGE Fire Mountain Gems order placed yesterday. I don't even want to think about the total I saw when I clicked place order. But it's all things I needed to get back into the swing of jewelry season. I was low on accuflex (my beading wire), I ordered tons of sterling silve beads, lots of pearls (glass and natural), Swarovski crystals... and some display things too. I am going to Virginia in April and my girlfriend Kelley is going to have a jewelry party. One suitcase or clothes, one of jewelry LOL! So I am already starting new earrings and necklace designs. I have one new necklace from this weekend that I'll share once the sun comes out today. That crazy Rochester weather is at it again. Yesterday sunny 65... today thunderstorms and 40... tomorrow 3 inches of snow!

Did anyone notice reset the rankings last night. The reset it every 2 weeks. I was #1 for a few hours last night and I am #4 right now! I am sure I will get bumped back down to the teens by this afternoon. But it's pretty cool right now. KEEP VOTING, please!

I'll be back with today's free bead winner later this afternoon. And I already have the new free beads picked out... raku, yummy!

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