Monday, March 27, 2006

Loads to tell ya...

Well first of all... Congrats to Holly! This week's winner of free beads! Lauren just pulled the name and new beads are posted. Go check them out and start voting. The cleared the slate again last night on and the count went back to zero for everyone. Hopefully I can get back up in the lists again soon. Thanks to everyone for your support!

Next, new beads & new jewelry! I was a torching fool yesterday. I got about 40 beads made in one sitting. That's a lot.. for me anyway. The first 15 or so were for me and my new necklace "Mermaid Rain". It is on the website if you care to check it out. I love this necklace. The design has been floating in my head for a few weeks now. All the prethought made it go together in a snap. Once I had the beads cleaned it only took about an hour till the necklace was done. U loved making the encased sculptural beads. The clear glass pulled so nicely and the beads practically made themselves. I thought the beads looked like dropplets of water, they are so dazzling to look at. I loved making them so much that I made a full second set to list on Ebay. There is a preview photo of them on my website in the "Glass Gallery". I will probably list them later in the week. I don't think I want my auction ending the same night as American Idol, LOL! So probably Thursday. And in the meantime I am hoping to get a couple other sets done to go up with it.

I got another new tool. I know you are thinking "WHAT? She got another one? Doesn't she have enough already?" Well the answer is no, you can never have too many zoozii tools. This new shape is called "Spree". This tool will most likely replace my lentil tool. The shape is sort of a puffed coin, very similar to a lentil but with no indent at the hole. I can't wait to use it... hopefully tonight. :) I went to the mall on Saturday with my sister and my fashion report is this... neutrals... everything is blah! I didn't find a single thing I wanted to buy! I am not going to follow the trend and make blah beads. I think with all those blah colors you need a pop of color in your jewelry!

On the homefront... Lauren is feeling great today. She is nearly 100%. Jacob loved his hair do. I will share that photo on a day with less going on. I am nursing a sprained ankle and bashed thumb. I missed a few steps coming down the stairs last night and did a number on myself. But I am fine, just a little sore. Anyway.. I will hopefully have lots of beads to show ya tomorrow!

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