Friday, March 17, 2006

St Pattys Day

Morning ladies, I have woken up today to a beautiful sunny morning. Book club was so fun last night. Out of 8 women only 1 had finished the book. No one really liked it. Everyone is going on vacation next month so we are reading 2 books and meeting again in May. I am so excited about the new book we are reading The Time Travelers Wife. I read it a few years ago when it first came out. I loved it, it is the first book that has ever made me cry and made me laugh out loud. If you are looking for a great read... get The Time Travelers Wife!

Lauren and I will be having a hard core cleaning day. I know boring boring. But when I came home from book club last night it looked like a spagetti sauce bomb went off. It is everywhere, on the stove, on the counters, on the floor, all over the sink... its a ghastly site. Then I started to notice just how much dust is in the corners and how much laundry is in the laundry pile. Then of course I have to start the cornbeef and cabbage for dinner. Only get to have it once a year... I love it. And we might have a couple of Killian's too. :) I will be working on new beads ALL weekend so be sure to pop back in.


Lori said...

who is the author of that book?

Lori said...
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