Monday, March 20, 2006

Haunted Hollow

Check out "Haunted Hollow".. the second in my Burtonesque series. These were inspired by Sleepy Hollow. Do you remember that movie? All dark gray and dreary with the only vibrant color being the bright red blood. Kinda grose I know but it was an awesome movie! I am sorry to say... these were already scooped up! Strutandcrow had asked for an email notice of when these would be ready and she already said she must have them. She also purchased my "Deep Sleep" beads, the first Burton set. She made some fabulous bracelets with them and as soon as she sends me the photos I am going to add her to my "Creative Corner" on my website.

These were the only beads I got to work on yesterday. I plan to get out to the torch again tonight. I am kinda inspiration-less at the moment. There aren't any beads I am dying to make so if you wanna see somethign in particular send me an email! I will work on my transparent sculptural ones for my necklace I am working on and I want to do a full set of kaleidiscope beads. We'll just have to see what happens.

Jacob was home sick again, I took him to the doctor's today since his fever is still holding on strong. It's only a cold. I have to wait another 5-6 days to see if it is a sinus infection. Lauren is sleeping right now... but when she wakes up I will have her pick this weeks free bead winner! Watch for your winning email!

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