Saturday, July 01, 2006

Featured Artist

I am so excited and honored to be this month's Featured Artist over at The Annealer Magazine. I was really worried that I was too boring to be a featured anything, but I am really pleased with the way the article turned out. They have lots of photos of my work and tids bits about me. For example, who of you knew that I was a graphic designer for a glass artist when I came out of college? Her name is Concetta Mason you can check out some of her work here. Take a closer look at this piece, see all the scrolls engraved in the glass... I drew those and I designed the "legs" holding the vessel up. She does incredible work. Definately a different type of glass art but it is interesting that a few years later I would be working in the same medium.

I mentioned in the group email that I sent out yesterday that The Annealer has an Auction Boutique. As this month's featured artist, I am also the featured seller. I only found this out on Thursday. You all know how crazily I have been working to get ready for the art show next weekend. And you know I need every bead I can get my hands on... but I decided to start the month off with a set of my "Sandy Lanterns" anyway. I will definately work on getting more sets together for the auction boutique after next weekend. Now I know you all are thinking "why doesn't she list them on ebay?" Well, a lot of glass artists (encluding me) are getting fed up with Ebays ever increasing fees and the overwhelming onslaught of overseas mass glass producers. As a buyer it is becoming damn near impossible to weed through the crap on Ebay and find a good set of beads. And as a seller it is almost impossible to get people to your auctions. So... the Auction Boutique is souly self-representing artist based. There are only handmade artisan goods in the boutique. And I am happy to support a site that supports artists. I hope you will take a few minutes to register (it's free) and bid on my "Sandy Lanterns". Check it out, I think you'll be surprised at the deals you'll find!

Now on to jewelry things... (side note first) last week when we had the highspeed internet connection installed, my husband had them hook it up to the "old" computer. The kids crappy slower then a snail computer I have ranted about before. And he promised to get me a wireless router for my laptop. (I'll believe that when I see it.) Since that router has yet to arrive, I have been having to climb under the computer and disconnect the cables then reconnect them to my computer everytime I want to use my laptop. Which is fine, but this morning, I am just not in a crawling under furniture mood (maybe by lunch time I will be) so all the pretty jewelry photos on my laptop will just have to wait. But I promise... I will share them soon. I have more bracelets and loads of earrings too.

Ron went golfing with my Dad at 5:30 this morning (psychos) but I have been told they will be done and home by 10am. As soon as the wheels hit the drive way, I will be firing up that torch! I would love it if you gals would send me some color combo ideas. I have been torching day and night and I am starting to run out of ideas. Usually I have days in between to get inspired by things, I am hoping you all will have ideas that get me going! Overwise, I will play with frit. Which isn't at all a bad thing... but come on people... send me a combo!

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