Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Another kind of rainbow

I just love organization... it is silly but seeing things lined up and sorted just gives me such a happy feeling. I get a wonderful sense of calm when everything is in it's proper place. Here is the load of glass I was talking about yesterday. I loved seeing all the blues and greens banded together and the reds/browns/oranges... I just love seeing my rainbow of glass! When I order my glass rods, I usually just order 3-4 rods of this or that color that I am low on. This time around I went nuts and ordered 8-10 rods of lots of colors. Eventually, I will get to the point where I buy colors by the pound, but not quite yet.

I have been surfing other glass artists website for photos of their studios to check out different style rod organizers. Ron plans on building me a second bench this weekend to work with my current one. He thinks I need more surface area. I, of course, agree. While he is at it, he is going to get something together to better organize my rods. I don't remeber which website I found this photo on but, I just love this organizer...

Today is a classic rainy day around here. It was raining when we woke up and it will still be raining at dinner time. So the kids and I will be hanging out, popping popcorn and watching movies. We will probably head over to the library this afternoon too. I think Ron may actually attempt to golf in this rain too, lol. Hardcore golfer that he is just can't get enough of those links. He actually bid on a BROKEN golf club last night! Broken! But he said something about replacing a shaft and grip... my eye just glazed over like his do when I talk about color reactions in glass, lol.

The welding supplier will have my fuel ready tomorrow and also two pounds of new mandrels. I found out that my supplier will make them for just $10 a pound. I have been paying $8 a dozen. There is about 50 rods in a pound! So good little tip there for ya. Get your mandrels made at the welding suppliers. If he doesn't know what you are talking about, bring him a mandrel and show him. Then just tell him to deburr the ends of the ones he cuts.

Alright, I have a sink full of dishes I have been avoiding all morning. I better get to 'em.

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