Thursday, July 27, 2006

One Necklace's Tale

This new necklace has a very interesting story behind it. It starts a few months back at one of my Totally Twisted classes. My student, Andrea, came to class wearing two great necklaces, one she made and a simple wire one. I was immediately drawn to the wire one. I loved it. It was simple but just gorgeous. I asked Andrea where she got it and she said "Blueground Jewelry". Hello? I know Blueground! I wasn't in the shop at that time but had been to visit. The next time I was in Blueground, I looked for the necklace. I came so close to buying it but I really thought it was a simple enough design that I could figure it out for myself.

Well, time has past, months in fact. And I have had the necklace in the back of my mind just waiting for a chance to make it. Then... last week I was cleaning my desk and sorting old magazines. I was flipping through the Fall 2005 Step By Step Wire and THERE IT WAS! A tutorial on how to make the necklace I had been waiting months to make! I was so excited! I put it on the top of my paperwork pile and yesterday I finally had a chance to make it. It is an easy project. And I had two made in less then an hour. I, of course, have already changes things up a bit and changed things from the tutorial. I used lighter gauge wire and made my own clasps too. It has sparked 3-4 necklace & bracelet ideas too for my lampwork beads.

If only I could find the time to make any beads! This dang heat, Jacob's soccer, birthday parties and just an all around busy past few weeks has put me in a rather down mood. And it is mostly because I just can't find the time to do what I want to do. But since I did a load of Bead Box beads this week and since I put off the Park Ave Fest... the next few weeks should be all me. I am going to get these 10 necklace ideas (remember I was inspired in the shower last week too) and I am going to work on winery stuff too. Don't worry that doesn't mean I don't love you all anymore, and it doesn't mean I won't make you Bead Box beads either... it just means I am going to get a few of my projects done first. So those lime, orange and turquoise beads I mentioned the other day, I will be doing them, but probably not until the middle of next week, okay?

Anyway... I would love to hear what you think about the necklace I fell in love with. Yes, that is my neck. I am only slightly embarassed to be showing my neck in public, lol. See how tan I am! Really, this is tan for me. I think it is mostly my freckles growing together that make me look so tan. It's that pale Irish skin I have. I will be posting these for sale on my website if you want one. In the photo I am wearing the 16 gauge one but I also have it in a finer 20 gauge size. Just let me know how long you like to wear your necklaces!

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