Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Promised Photos

I promised you all photos of all the stuff I have been working on... for you gals on dial up, sorry, these are going to take a while to load. The first one here is what I did with a bunch of the raku beads I made.

This here is a cluster of what came out of the Berry Beads. I was organizing some of my old jewelry stuff and found a few lariets I had made last season. I thought... well duh... you gotta make a few glass lariets. I had some fun experimenting with make square discs and triangle discs too. I just love these colors.

I played around with stripes again for this bracelet. This time dark red purple, sage green and coral pink. I really like this one, a little bit different clasp too.

I have been working on my off mandrel hearts too. I am really happy with how they are turning out. I have about 5-6 of them made. I loved the two black white and red ones from the newspaper beads but what I really really like is the transparent ones. I can't wait to play with this style more.

One day I decided to do a bunch of oval/eggish shapes. They are smooth and comfortable and just roll so nice on your wrist. I used them to make another lariet too. Love 'em.

Finally... check out the latest wine stopper collection. My favorite is the second on the left. It was a challenge to get those layered dots to do that.

Well, that's not all of it, but it's a chunk of it. Let me know how I am doing. I won't be doing a whole lot more... I ran out of gas! All the torching used it all up. And it take 2-3 days to get a new tank ordered so it looks like I am fresh out of fuel. I will probably go over to the hardware store and pick up a couple of small 1lb tanks to work on some last minute things.

Hope everyone had a fun 4th of July. I posted the new free beads. Go check 'em out. I probably won't be updating much the next couple of days... I will be doing all the last last minute prep things... packing... pricing (I hate that part, I never know what to price a piece.)... going ot the bank... that kinda stuff. I will let you know who everything goes!

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