Friday, July 07, 2006

Like Christmas Eve

It really does feel like Christmas around here to me. I am like a little kid. I have been waiting and waiting and suddenly the big day is tomorrow! I am so excited! I have got so many good luck wishes via email from everyone, I just had to come and post a big 'ol THANK YOU!!!!!! to everyone!

I finished a new wire necklace and wire bracelets yesterday. I got all the jewelry labeled, sorted and pack... the van is all loaded up and all that's left are my last minute errands. I need to get to Staples for a couple of things, I need to get snack and drinks at the grocery store, I need to go to the bank and get cash box money... all those little things that are always left to the day before. It's funny, Ron took today off from work so I could get all these little things done, and I have yet too see him for more then 5 minutes today. And it isn't because I have been busy...he went out golfing with my Dad this morning, went to some garage sales, stopped at the store and now he has just left to take Jacob to see Pirates of the Carribean. So... all my running around is going to have to wait until later this afternoon. I am thinking I will work on wire earrings for a while during the wait.

I am hoping to have show photos to share with you when I get home tomorrow night! SO came back and check in.

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