Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Busy with this & that

Did you gals wonder were I was today? I haven't done a late evening blog in a while. I was busy most of the day with website stuff, kids things, making beads and watching Rockstar.

First the website stuff... I think I have things situated the way I want now. Did you check out the new "Beyond Jewelry" link? (Thanks to Holly over at Silver Lotus Studio for the phrase.) It is the little nook where you'll find my wine stoppers and knobs. I am warning you now... if you see a stopper you love, get it... I will be heading down to the wineries that carry my jewelry in a couple of weeks and I know they will take ALL of them. I finished fussing with the layout of the "Jewelry Shop" and I like the new pics. Oh, duh... (almost forgot) how do you like the "Neckwires & Bangles" page? Did you all even know I did those, lol? I think everyone who loves lampwork needs a neckwire. Why? Because they are the perfect place to display your favorite beads. I have one client, Carol, who has a big collection going. She started with a few beads from a single artist. Then found some when on vacation some where, which were followed by some from me. Carol's collection is mostly purples and greens with dashes of blues. So now I carry spare loose purple beads in my pocket to shows. She always finds one or two that she has to have. She was even daring and threw a Copper Green nugget in the mix!

Second... kid stuff... my kids have been really wound up the past few days. They are wild and crazy loons most of the time. So today I needed to get them out of the house and moving around. We went to the playground for a while and then over to their Gee & Pappy's (my Mom & Dad). Pappy got their razor scooters out of the basement and they were popping wheelies all afternoon. It was good to get them out of their normal boring playstation zoomie existances. lol.

I MADE BEADS! Yes, me, I make beads, did anyone know that? LOL. I know I made beads the other day but it seems like ages ago, don't know why. Anyway... I am still working on the orders that backed up durning Cornhill. I am almost done. Unfortunately, I realized tonight that I probably won't have Bead Box beads until this weekend. I wanted to have them tomorrow but the wicked heat of this week kept me away from the flame. So, I am making a formal promise... I will make beads just for the Bead Box ALL weekend! Pinky swear, lol. Then there will be a big batch of beauties for you Monday afternoon. Can you wait until then? My Zoozii press I won last month finally arrived so you'll have a fun new shape to try out too. As far as the ones that I made this evening, I am excited to see a few of them. I worked on some "Space" beads in blue, yum... and a few mosaics. If you are wondering what my mosaic beads look like, check out "Frog Prince".

Finally ROCKSTAR! Anyone else as hooked to this show as I am? I love it. I usually hook on to one show a season that I can't get away from. This season it's Rockstar Supernova. I am glued. I am rooting for Ryan Star or Lukas. In the winter I like Survivor, 24, and Prison Break. I don't have cable... does anyone else figth with rabbit ears to get a few channels to come in? LOL! Ron seems to think that cable is a waste of money and I tend to agree although I would like to see "That's Clever" once in a while. Since we don't have cable, we have a HUGE dvd collection. As I type this, Ron has turned on "Gangs of New York" and the Irish & the Natives are having their bloody battle, gross. But who doesn't love Leonardo DiCaprio?

That's about it for today. I will have a photo of the cool new space beads for you tomorrow :)

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