Sunday, July 16, 2006

Bogey Boys Camp

What a fun night the boys had last night! Check out "Camp Bogert". The boys have had loads of pent up energy the past few days and we decided it was time to get out the tent. Ron bought this tent at Target last year on clearance. IT'S HUGE! It can sleep like 10 people! I am telling you right now, I am not a camper. We used to camp when I was little and never had good experiences. One time we went to Mass for a wedding and decided to camp out the week leading up to thte wedding.... 6 inches of rain in 3 days. One time we went for the forth of July to this "great place" about and hour and a half from here... middle of a corn field and 95 for 3 days. See, bad camping experiences. BUT just because I have bad camping times, doesn't mean I don't want my boys to make some memories of there own. Camping out in the back yard is the BEST! This was there very first outside overtnighter. And Ron and I had to go in the house. The boys wanted to be brave all by themselves. You should have heard them running around playing tag in the dark with their flashlights. They had a BLAST! Lauren really really really wanted to camp out too but when the boys were ready to go to sleep, she still wanted to play. So, she had to come in with Mom & Dad. The boys lasted until about 1 am when they just couldn't take the bugs any more. I took their "ghost story telling" pictures and thought they turned out really cool...

Spooky Jacob!

Friday night's class went really well. I am so flattered that my students were willing to drive from as far as they did to see little 'ol me. There were four students and each drove from an hour and a half away! And all from opposite corners of the state. They each were able to finish a practice wrapped bangle and their sterling & lampwork bangles in class. I love when the students get to leave with something in their hands. With a progect like the "Sandy Lanterns" bangle, it is all in the coiling. If you can get the coiling down you got it made. And by the time they finished their practice ones, they had it made.

Spooky Andrew!

Marilynne, the founder of Studio 34, has really been pushing me to get some class offerings together for the BIG shows next season. She thinks I should teach at Bead & Button in 2008, and at Bead Fest 2007, and the Gathering (a lampwork/glass art show). So who know, I might be sending an email out to those of you who have taken my classes and ask for a letter of recommendation. (You need those with the applications.) Right now, I don't think I could command a room of 20 women but next year, or the year after... definately!

Spooky Lauren!

So yesterday, my sister and I went shopping. I have been a little sick and tired of my clothes falling off me, lol. I keep having to pull my pants up, not very becoming. But, alas... no good stuff. It seems we are between seasons at the mall. I got a couple of cute clearance tops but no capris, pants or shorts. I did splurge and get myself some new hipster panties at Victoria's Secret (is that too much informations, lol). Hipsters are the boy short shaped ones. Lots of fun, and very comfortable. Really now, who doesn't LOVE new underwear?

I am plugging away at orders. I currently have 7 on my plate! I have 2 of those finished and hopefully tonight when it cools down, I will be able to polish off two more. I do plan on haveing Bead Box beads this week... definately! But probably not until later in the week. Stay tuned for what I cook up.

Tiome to head back out to the pool. Today is my Father-in-law's 66th birthday... we spent most of the day in my inlaws pull barn where it was 104 degrees! And Butch decided he wanted sauce as his birthday meal. Can you imagine eating pasta and sauce at 2:00 in the afternoon when it is 104!?! I need my pool!

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