Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Free Beads & First Updates

This week's free beads winner is Jeanette J! Thanks for supporting me and my site with your votes every week gang! I really appreciate it. I have to snap a pic of the new free beads but that will have to wait for the batteries of my camera to recharge, check back later to see what you are going after this week.

Why are the batteries in my camera out of juice? Well it is because I took over 200 photos yesterday, that's why! I grapped my jewelry case and my photo board and started snapping away. I always take 3-4 photos of each item to make sure I get the angle and lighting I like. Then I do some simple editing in Photoshop before loading it up to the site. The first little chunk of my updating just went into effect a few minutes ago. I started with the earrings because it needed the most work. Then a little reorganizing of the "Jewelry Shop" page. You'll see, when you check it out, that I added a side menu for easier navigation and some new links too. If the link doesn't work it is probably because I haven't added the new page yet. But I will get to it, I promise. I need your opinions... I want to add a page for "Wine Stoppers" & "Glass Knobs". Right now you get to the pages by going to the "Glass Gallery" and scrolling down. But that makes them hard to find.... where would you like to see them? Should I add the links to the menu on the homepage (is that getting too full) or should I added it to the menu in the "Jewelry Shop"? Let me know your thoughts!

Oh, I forgot to tell you... tonight is Book Club! AND I am tonight's co-host. Which means, I am making ALL the food. How our book club works is one person hosts and does absolutely everything while everyone else just enjoys themselves. Then at the next book club, when someone else hosts, you get to kick back and relax. It really is a great system. My house is too small to host properly and it is way out of the way for everyone so Susan was nice enough to offer up her house. So, thus the co-hosting. Susan just moved into her house about 3 weeks ago! So I told her, just work on getting boxes out of the living room, and I will do everything else. I will be making Dump Cake, Guacamole, Bruschetta, and something else I haven't narrowed down yet. I will let you know which book we choose to read for next time, you can read along with us! As host, you get to pick the sellections for the next book, Susan is choosing two and I am choosing two. One of the 4 will be the next book. I researched on Amazon.com my two. I picked "The Stolen Child" and "The Limits of Enchanment". Two modern day fairytales for adults. After "The Pact" by Jodi Picoult, we could use something not so heavy.

Oh, I know what I wanted to tell you gals about... StoneWood Art Studio. Pat Kester, the scultpure, is my uncle. And his work is AMAZING! Use the link to check out his work. His little page of photos is hosted on my Aunt Heidi's jewelry website. Heidi and I did all the jewelry shows together last year and will be having a Christmas Open House together again this year. Send Pat an email at stonewood08@aol.com and let him know what you think of his work.

Back to the updates... I will chat more later!


Just a quick second update... the next round of website charges are up! I have added the "Sold Items" page, pages for what's available in the shops I am at and all new stuff added to the bracelets and necklace pages. Tomorrow I will figure out what to do about those wine stoppers and then the neckwires & bangles!

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Lori said...

Kerry, I checked out the new updated pages and I have to say GREAT JOB
I love the new area for the knobs and wine toppers!