Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Playing Catch-up

Check what appraared over my house last night... an awesome double rainbow! Look how dark the sky in front of the rainbow is compared to the sky in back of it. Can you see both rainbows? One is very very faint. This amazing thing arched across the sky last evening and it was so viberant we thought we could find both ends easily if we went looking :) There was some really wild thunder and lightning for well over and hour before this appreared so the gardens got a great soaking. Just what they needed.

So took yesterday completely off! Well, not completely, the house was a disaster so I spent the morning washing floors, starting laundry, changing bedding and cleaning the bathroom. But after that... I was totally off. I didn't do much in the way of answering emails over the past 4 days because of the show. I had some 67 emails to go through today. Sorry, but I just can acknowledge all the "vote" emails when that happens. So rest assured, I just spent the past half an hour going email by email adding all the votes to the fishbowl. (All votes that came in befor midnight Tuesday, all the Tuesday's votes have been entered in the new drawing.) I am working on responding to everyone who wrote to me. So just be patient, I will get to you! Sorry, I am so behind. After today I will be back on top of things, promise :)

Speaking of those votes... this week's free beads winner is Chrissie K! Congrats Chrissie, your beads are on the way! Thank you thank you thank you to all of you who come to my site everyday and click that button to vote for me. I can't tell you how proud I am to have such loyal customers and friends. I took the photo of the new free beads and I will get them post asap. They are bright and colorful just like I said they would be!

HEY!!!!!!!! The UPS guy just came by!!!!! He just delivered over 300 rods of glass!!!!!!! Eeeeee, I can't wait to get the box opened and hold all the rods and sort them into the color families and pull rods of all the new color combos I have floating in my head. The first of which will be "Vegetable Medley" I am thinking eggplant purple, tomatoe red and carrot orange. I know it sounds strange but I saw the most beuatiful coverlet at Target last week with those colors and I can't get them out of my head. I placed this order for glass last week. I was missing so many colors and decided to just go wild and stock up on everything! I have several orders to work on this weekend, so I won't get to make bead box beads until early next week. But I will! I will let you know when the are ready, of course.

Wow, looking at this box, I think I may need Ron to make me a new rod organizer, lol! I will take some pics for you. Gotta jet.

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