Saturday, July 08, 2006

Serious Shoppers Come Early!

SUCCESS!! Cornhill is going awesome everyone! And thanks for all your inquiring emails. I am a little tired but I had a great day so it is all worth it. Now... on to your tour of my booth... First, I forgot to share this with you last weekend. Since this was my first solo show, I needed my very own sign! I painted this last weekend and I love how it turned out. I used the fonts that are on my website and my colorful purple & green stripes. It is painted on canvas with acrylics and sealed with a matte finish. I love my sign.

Here is an shot of my over all booth. Probably the one I will use when submitting applications for shows next year. I wasn't expecting a corner spot and technically it isn't. But because the show mianders through residential street, I just happen to be next to a driveway. I have other photos the show it from the other angle, but it's isn't as exciting, lol. And what you can't see is a big 'ol tree next to the left post of my tent. And you can't see the big branches practically popping through my tent top. I am thankful for that three though... it was HOT today, but beautiful sunny with a cool breeze.

The next couple of shots are just different close ups. Rather then discribing the jewelry (which you all aready know about... ) I will share some tid bits of info that I learned today. Most importantly, serious shoppers come early. People who are at the festival to shop and find great things were there early, some an hour before the show even opened. I made my booth fee back in the first two hours! I continued to sell the rest of the day but it was in ebbs and flows. If there was one person there was suddenly a dozen, if there was no one... there was no one.

Today's HOT SELLERS were definately the earrings and bangles. You can see all the bangles lined up in their holder in this photo. I only have 3 of those left. Earrings went just as well. I have a bunch of the corkscrew ones left and my wire ones but not many of the funky glass ones. SO I will definately be having to make more before the next show.

There are always one or two items that people really really gravitate to. Today it was my "Reach for Stars" bracelet, "Mermaid Rain" bracelet, and "Threads" necklace. Ohhh did they love to pet the thread beads, lol! I saw a lot of my students, who I LOVE seeing. My sister even commented "wow you know everyone". I was "recognized" too! Which totally shocked me. I walked up to a booth and someone actually said to me "hey your Kab's right? I have heard of you... you do amazing work." This was an INCREDIBLE wire jewelry artist. I will get her website for you all tomorrow to check out. There were a lot ( I mean TONS) of jewelry people there. Some out of this world, some I don't know how they got in the show. I was surprised by one piece of jewelry I saw from another glass artist (am not sure who the artist was). But the bracelet's owner let me admire it and I noticed right away that there was still bead release in some of the beads. It was like they soaked them in water but didn't take the time to actually clean them out. I clean all my beads with a dremel and I line the transparent ones with clear nailpolish so there is NO sign of bead release anywhere. It's just lazy bead making not cleaning your beads, no matter how pretty the jewelry is.

I am so thankful to have had my sister, Bonnie, with my today. She still needs to work on her jewelry "know-how", but she is getting the hang of it and I really appreciate the company. Plus my sister is drop dead gorgeous which means guys like coming in the booth and younger girls (20 somethigns) see someone "cool" there so they come in too. It's great!

Alright... time for me to go cool off in the shower and relax before bed. I have loads more to share but that will have to wait for tomorrow! Like the first item that sold, the strange man named Adlof, and all the new tips on shops/galleries I have been given. Oh... I have to say, I had a little while at the very end of the show to walk around the block I was on. I found the most GORGEOUS hand made hats. I am not a hat person, I never wear them, but I can't tell you how tempted I am to buy myself one. Just because I think everyone should have a nice hat. These were just indescribably unique and around $150 each. So if things go as well tomorrow as they did today, I may have a hat photo to show you tomorrow.

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