Friday, July 21, 2006

Another Totally Twisted Friday

Free Beads photo is now up!

My Tiger Rose is in bloom... again. This pic doesn't do the color justice... it looks too pink. The real color is a deep blood purple with the verigated petals. Isn't it perdy?

I know, I haven't posted the free beads yet. I will today, I promise. I have been plugging away at orders and today I need to photograph everyone's sets so they can see what is heading their ways. So while I am at it I will get those free beads up. I will give you a little heads up about what they are... a earthy lentil focal with some black & teal discs plus some spacers too.

Tonight is going to be another fun Totally Twisted class! This class is full! SO it should be a blast. I will definately bring the camera along and get some pics tonight. I did bring it to last week's "Sandy Lanterns" class and I had it on the table the whole class but suddenly is was 8:45 and I had forgotten to snap pics. Tonight it will be on my mind, so no forgetting this time.

Soccer season has started in my house! Jacob is playing on the Tornados... he had a practice last night, that I hear went very well. I skipped it so that I could make beads but I will be going to the first game Monday night. Andrew starts soccer is September when Jacob finishes. I love watching the kids play soccer. It is sort of family tradition. I played a little in high school, not much because I blew out my knees running track... but my Aunt down in NC played in college and now my two cousins Jackie & Jessica are on FULL scholarships because of soccer. Jacob is good, loves to play offense (but I think he would be a better defender) and Andrew is really really fast! He is an awesome rover. I know they are only 8 & 7 but who knows maybe they will be the youngest MLS players ever, lol!

Oh... last night... while in the shower... I was struck with inspiration! I had to hope out of the shower and grab my sketch book... I kicked out 5 new necklace designs! I can't wait to get started on them. I am keeping the designs hush hush but I will show you photos when they get completed. I need to start working on stuff for the "Clothesline Arts Festival".

All right... time to go out into the soupy sticky muggy backyard and get some pics taken.

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