Saturday, July 22, 2006

Blame Ron

You can totally blame my husband Ron for the lack of Totally Twisted pictures. Ebay had a 20cent listing day yesterday and Ron wanted to list a bunch of stuff so I couldn't take the camera to class. But hopefully I will be able to take it to the second half of class next Friday. In the mean time, if you are looking for golf clubs or nintendo games... check out Ron's ebay auctions. Or maybe your husbands will want to check out Ron's auctions, lol.

Anyway... Totally Twisted was great last night. There were 5 fabulous women in attendance. Bonnye, Lesley, Chris, Penny & Melinda (HEY GIRLS!). All worked hard and have gotten their wire wrapped loops in order. I am sure they would still say they have to practice but I know they are well on their way. I ended up getting out really late though. See the studio gives students 10% off the night of their classes (the studio is also a bead merchantile, aka mini bead store). So everyone stocked up on wire tools and other goodies. Only trouble was that I had to hand write up all their receipts and do all the credit card transactions. Not my favorite thing to do, but with Marilynne (the studio founder) out of town at "The Gathering" (lampwork show & get together) all the store stuff fell to me. Not that I am complaining, I don't mind doing it but I didn't get home until 11:00. Yuck! And I came home to Andrew and Lauren in my bed sleeping. Andrew has a fever too.

My Mom stole my eldest child yesterday before I left to teach. Jacob is gone to play at her house for the WHOLE weekend, all by himself. He really needs the break from the younger ones. Hopefully he will come back with a bit more positive attitude then he has had lately. The grump. LOL. Lauren is playing at Ron's Mom's house for the afternoon. And poor little Nanu (Andrew) is curled up on the couch trying to feel better. I hate mystery fevers.

So.... exciting news for you bead lovers!!!!!!! BEADS ARE COOKIN G IN THE KILN!!!!! We will have to wait and see if they are any good, lol. But either way... I busted my tail today working on beads for you girls so you better like 'em. I started to torch up at 9:30 this morning and just came in at 3:00. I made some 50 plus beads. There are gonna be tons in the Bead Box on Monday. See, I always keep my promises. I promised BeadBox Beads on Monday and you are gonna get 'em. Tomorrow I will clean all the beads, strung them and photograph them.

Speaking of tomorrow... we are going to our annual family reunion tomorrow. Did I ever tell you what I big Irish Catholic family I come from? Well, my dad is one of 13 children (10 girls & 3 boys) almost all are married and all married have kids. I am the 2nd of 36 grandchildren! Every year one of the 13 hosts the annual "Kester Gang Reunion". This year we'll be going to Webster Park and it should be a blast. It is tradion to have a big water balloon toss between the adults and the kids play games too. Everyone wins a prize! I will try and get a good "group photo" for you all to see just how many of us there is!

It's time to go relax with a glass of wine and visit with my hubby.

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