Monday, July 03, 2006

A milestone reached.

Meet my Mom & Dad... aren't they cute? I had to make them today's photo because today is their 30th Wedding Anniversary! They were married July 3rd 1976. My Mom (Carol) was just 17 and two weeks out of high school. My Dad (Tim) was 24, the second oldest of 13 children, and still living at home. Now if my Mom were telling you this, the next sentence would be "No we didn't get married because we had to." Meaning she wasn't pregnant or anything. It was young love. I came around a couple years later, then my sister a couple years after me. Our family has lived all over the country, spending time in Florida, Texas and mostly New York. Our families are all native New Yorkers so no matter how many times we moved, we always came back here to NY. Of course the past 30 years haven't been complete bliss, there were lots of rocky moments. But fortunately love won out in every situation and I have grown up to have a wonderful example of what a good marraige can be. (Except I can gaurentee you, I will not let Ron come home everyday after work and plop down on the couch to eat peanuts while watching golf and serve him dinner. And I can also gaurentee you that Ron will never in a million years let me have 3 dogs and 4 cats either. LOL. We will let them have those little quirks.)

I am continuing to make good beading progress, though I must admit I am a little fried. I can't wait until Thursday, because after that all the jewelry will be packed away. There won't be anymore I can do. It is hard to know just how much to bring with me. I have ideas on how to set up my display. I am thinking I am going to group things by colors. Of course I will be taking dozens of photos so don't worry you will get to see it. I have loads of jewelry but I am not really sure just how much I should be bringing. Time will tell.

Since my Dad is here on the blog with us today, I thought I would share an interesting conversation we had the other day. You all know by now how excited, anxious, thrilled, overwhelmed, and excited I am about Cornhill this weekend. And I told you how that nasty insecure part of me was coming out last week. Well, I was talking to my Dad about it and he thinks it is good. He thinks artist need insecurity. It is what makes us keep evolving and pushing ourselves to do and try new things. He thinks if I was secure and comfortable two things would happen 1 ~ I would get bored and probably quit and 2 ~ my art would be boring and comfortable. I really think he has a good point. I think I need that demon inside my head sayign I am not good enough so that I keep pushing myself to get "good enough". It is just one of the ideas working around in my head that is giving me an eerie calm about the show now. The other is "The Sex & Money Theory". I can't find the link to the site where I say the theory a couple of months ago, but it was really good. The theory goes that there is a "sex" and "money" side to every artist. (ex: a photographer will shoot a catalog layout for JC Penney's during the day - money... and shoot wild nightclub sceens in the evening - sexy.) So I realized... this show is the "sexy" side of me. I get to do whatever I want and really be myself with my own ideas and creations. It isn't the "money" side of my art. (Sorry, but I have to admit, my beads are the "money" side.) So really if I go into Saturday with the additude that I am pushing myself as an artist and growing during the show, and that whatever happens, this is for fun... then it can't possibly be a bad show. *sigh* see... almost no anxiety left. LOL! You know that is just the rationaly right side of my brain talking there, right? LOL! The otherside is still biting my fingernails worried silly. LOL!

I am out to the torch... I will share lots of jewelry pics tomorrow. Come back and check them out.

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