Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Case In Point

I am sharing more custom orders with you today. I made all the beads last night and created the jewelry this morning. Now after a couple hours in the tumbler, they are ready for their debut. I have said numerous times that I don't like making doubles of things, but it doesn't mean that if you see something you like on my website and it's sold, that you can't have one. Of course you can have one. But at the same time, I want to maintain the one-of-a-kind quality of my work. So today's photos illustrated just what I am talking about.

First example is for Kathy in SD. She saw my "Carnival" bracelet on my sold page and loved it. To change things up for her design, I used her favorite color combo of green & purple. Gotta love green & purple! I am calling her version "Promenade". I LOVE the plaid bead in this one... makes me want to do more purple & green bead box beads!

Second example is for Christine. She wrote to me about my "Be Square" necklace. And this is her version, "Squared". Same style but the beads are done in the new Zoozii nugget shape rather then the Zoozii pillow.

See what I mean now? Same great looks still totally one-of-a-kind!

Alright... time to go grill up some supper! I will be working on the finishing touches of my "Sandy Lanterns" tutorial. I tought it last week and also had a request from Australia for a paper version of the instructions so I will be getting that done asap!


I forgot to tell you... Debbie M. Is this week's free beads winner! Yooo Hooo! Congrats Debbie! And thanks so much to all of you who vote time and time again. You make me so proud. Not because you had me #2 on and off all week but because I have people who are out there thinking about me and coming to support me day after day. I love you girls!

I know, yet another week when I don't have the photo for the new beads ready to go. Sorry, I am running low on beads, lol. I will have to make you something special!

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